Some people say superheroes don’t really exist. I wholeheartedly believe we’re surrounded by them, but we normally call them “single parents.”

Whether you’re divorced, widowed, or simply an independent caregiver, providing for your children as a single parent comes with many challenges and unfortunately for some, even less support. In honor of the many single (super)parents I know, I pulled together some important resources that I think could really help single parents:

10 Steps to Financial Recovery After a Divorce

Who Gets the Pets In A Divorce? What You Need to Consider When Fighting Over Fido

The Single Parent’s Guide to Addiction Recovery

An Age-by-Age Guide for Talking to Kids About Divorce

Single Parents: How to Raise ADHD Children — Alone

12 Ways to Help a Teen Handle the Emotional Challenges of Moving

Dating After Divorce

Divorce Over 50: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

To the single parents out there: I salute you!

All the best,

Jackie Cortez |